Built by true boat builders


Whether you decide on a Faurby Yacht, a Nordic Cruiser or Nordship Yacht, all our yachts are built by true boat builders and the common theme of handcrafted quality runs all the way through our brands.

There are easier, faster and more economical ways to build a boat, we know this, but we wouldn’t be true boat builders if we built boats that way, we couldn’t call ourselves craftsmen, and we couldn’t say we’ll build your boat the best way we know.
We take pride in every boat we create because we want you to be proud of your yacht, so you know you made the right decision by letting us build your dream boat.


Nordship Yachts

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Nordship Sailing
The Nordship Yachts logo
High-quality centre cockpit yachts featuring a raised saloon. Nordships are designed for comfortable long-term offshore cruising

Nordic Cruiser

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Nordic Cruiser sailing
The Nordic Cruiser logo
Stylish and elegant trailerable launches with classic looks, designed for comfortable inland and coastal cruising

Faurby Yacht

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A sailing Faurby
The Faurby Yacht logo
Fast, stylish aft cockpit cruisers. Faurby Yachts are designed for maximum sailing performance while retaining a luxury full-custom interior.
A brand new Faurby 460 sailing


Our craftsmanship and enthusiasm to accommodate the wishes of our customers is what makes True Boat Builders special. Visit our gallery to see the many ways in which the high-quality bespoke work of our Danish craftsmen has helped our owners to sail away in their dream yacht.

Construction of interior


True Boat Builders was formed by combining two companies (and three brands) with a shared ethos of hand-building high-quality custom-built yachts. Nordship Yachts, Nordic Cruiser and Faurby Yacht are all built in their own unique way by Danish craftsmen, for discerning owners.

Our Brands

True Boat Builders is the parent company for three unique Danish brands that are renowned worldwide for their uncompromising quality and attention to detail. All three brands are built by carefully selected master craftsmen at our factory in Lunderskov, Denmark.
From the layup of the hull to the fitting of the deck, the process of hand-building yachts is carried out completely in house for maximum quality control and optimum customer service.
We pride ourselves on our ability to truly adapt and customise your yacht for you, whether that’s in the style of the joinery, the layout of the boat or achieving what other boatbuilders cannot.

We are here to make your dream yacht a reality.